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1st Year Favorites: Everyday Baby Items

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About to be a first time mom, I looked up a bunch of baby essential lists on Pinterest. There are so many things, it can be overwhelming where to start because you want to be fully prepared. Why are baby stuff so cute? Too cute that things start to make it on your essential list that aren’t really essential and end up never being used. Like the handful of pacifiers and pacifier clips shoved in the back of the closet. Though they had a small cost impact, I spent way too much focusing on what colors to get instead of the big picture things.

Here are my everyday baby essentials used in the first year with little E:

1. Boppy: this is such a simple breastfeeding pillow, but I use this every time I’m at home nursing. It’s just more comfortable. You can also use it to prop the little one up, Emma used to love climbing it when she as learning to crawl, and I often use it for prop my arm up when I am nap trapped.

Wins: versatile use, comfortable for breastfeeding

2. Happy Baby Carrier: I’ve mentioned this carrier in another favorites post, but this carrier is seriously the best. I’m bummed it took me like 6 months to discover it. I also loved the Sollybaby wrap, so soft for the newborn days!

Wins: lightweight and breathable (100% linen), minimal and not bulky, perfect for the petite frame (I’m 5’1”/105lbs), carries newborn to 45lbs

3. Aloha Collection Hip Pack: If you baby wear often or go walking, a fanny pack is super helpful. I chose a pack that was minimal. This one is on the small side, but carries my phone, chapstick, Airpods, and cards.

Wins: minimal, waterproof, perfect on the go and baby wearing

4. Skip Hop Snack Cup: Emma snacks a lot and this is a great sized for that. The lid is nice for portability. Car rides can be challenging for her and snacking helps her pass time so this is always packed and ready in my bag.

Wins: lid to keep the bugs out, perfect serving size, easy for on the go

5. Happy Baby Snacks: Emma loves to snack and cereal has to be among her favorites. These baby cereals are great in that they dissolve well when they don’t have teeth yet. Emma used to suck on it like a hard candy crush when she was all gums. When she did sprout some teeth, she enjoyed biting into them, it kept her busy. These creamies are also dairy free and made with coconut milk, huge plus for our eczema baby.

Wins: low sugar content, many flavors, easily dissolvable, dairy free

6. Grapple: My mom found this one. We use during meal times and out it on her high chair when she starts to get bored and it will keep her busy enough so that I can finish my meal.

Wins: can pretty much loop any toy/teether, keeps baby hands/mouth busy, suction bottom to stay put

7. Tubby Todd All Over Ointment: A gentle moisturizer is a must. This has been especially important for us as Emma has been battling eczema and sensitive skin. We always come back Tubby Todd AOO even when we need to take a break from it.

Wins: fragrance free, smooth and creamy consistency but not sticky and tacky

8. Earth Mama Balm: You need a good butt balm, diaper rashes are inevitable. I don't like balms that are thick and waxy, so I really appreciate the consistency of Earth Mama that I have no problem using this on the daily.

Wins: not thick and waxy, EWG verified, free of parabens/petroleum/artificial fragrance, smells great (lavender, tea tree, calendula)

9. Touch and Feel Books: She loves books, but I think the touch and feel books add to her curiosity and an easy way to introduce her to new things and textures

Wins: easy entertainment, stimulating, never gets old, great for some time of stillness, introduction to new textures

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