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Current Favorites: Carriers

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It's challenging to find the right carrier until you know what the babe prefers. She preferred to be carried during naps and upright, for some reason she just didn't like to be rocked in a cradle position. She also liked having her arms in and close to her. Emma just loves to be attached to me in general and I like to get stuff done, so baby wearing has been the best solution. I wanted a carrier that was structured, but soft and breathable (because that Hawaii humidity). Here are some carriers we tried, starting with my most favorite.

1. Happy Baby (Onbuhimo)

This is the carrier I currently use daily and a must have. I'm just bummed that I found this when she was already six months old.


- linen material makes this carrier a very soft structured carrier, the more you wear it, the softer it gets

- has a zipper pocket that has a stored sun hood

- fast and easy to put on when on the go

- front/back carry up to 40lbs

- no waistband (other carrier styles do have one, I chose an Onbuhimo)


- pricey at ~$135, but worth it if you have a koala of baby like I do

- front carry with an Onbuhimo uses the upper back more and some have said they aren't able to do it for long (I mostly front carry)

- there are different types of carrier and colors that you will probably spend more time than you need to deciding and your husband may get annoyed :)

2. Solly Baby Wrap

This was my go to when baby wearing and especially great for newborn months because of how comfortable and soft material is. 


- material is soft and thin keeping baby snuggled and comfortable

- arms can go in or out

- not bulky or too long like other wraps (I'm 5/1"/105lbs)

- learning how to wrap is much easier than a ring sling (for me)


- if you're on the go, think about pre-wrapping so you don't get the wrap on the floor

3. Baby Bjorn Mini

I really liked the design of this carrier and ease of use. Emma just didn't like being in it because her arms were kept out.


- great for outdoors

- minimal feel and look

- easy to get baby in and out of the carry fast


- arms out only (Emma liked to keep her arms in close to her)

- no waist band equals less back support

4. Moby Ring Sling

I used this carrier the most before giving into the Solly Baby Wrap. It was easy to put on, short stature friendly, and Emma was always calm in it. The challenging part was having it adjusted just right so that it was comfortable.


- easy/fast to put on when out on the go

- great option for petite mamas because you don't have to worry about extra fabric


- there is a learning curve, lots of practice

- limited range of motion when using your arms like reaching up for something on the side the sling is over

- I also felt that because the sling was over one shoulder, it didn't evenly distribute her weight and my neck would ache over time

5. Ergo Baby Omni 360

This was our first carrier. For some reason I could not get this carrier adjusted right without Emma sagging too much. On the other hand, this is Trav's go to carrier and great for outdoors.


- great for outdoors

- grows with baby from newborn to toddler (7-45lbs)

- forward and backward facing option


- may be too big and bulky for petite mamas

- this carrier tends to make my lower back ache

Suck Pads

These are such a great idea! They help prevent holes or from needing to wash your carrier as often, while your baby is teething and drooling. There are bunch of handmade ones on Etsy (I purchased a pair from MyTinyBlooms) or you can find some on Amazon.

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