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The body— what an amazing power vessel. What gets me every time is the thought of my body’s ability to take care of my needs and an additional little being. To start producing colostrum that helps give baby its first bout of nutrients to fruther transitioning to milk to sustain growth. That has to count as a superpower!

I was lucky to not have to think about an undersupply of milk, rather there were times of painful engorgement. A couple months ago we decided to cut back on the amount of breastmilk intake, because at that point we tried everything for Emma's eczema. She eats pretty much anything, but still a little underweight. Now I am adding on to her intake to help her put some chunk on, but my body isn’t ready for the increase and needs some help to adapt.

Lactation is supported by good digestion and what you consume. There are many recipes and food products on the market that help to aid promotion. It's important to eat foods that are warm and cooked, soups and stews make that easy to accomplish.

Fruits: coconut, papaya, berries, dates

Veggies: collards, mustard greens, kale, spinach

Meats: beef, bone broth, chicken

Starches: millet, quinoa, sweet potato, yams

Grains: oat, barley, rice

Teas: raspberry leaf, mint, barley, corn silk

Avoid overconsumption of foods cold in temperature (tofu, celery, crab, dairy), but when eating seasonly these 'cold' foods are okay (apples, pears, cherries).

Acupuncture/Acupressure points:

You can massage these points or apply essential oils (especially on GB-21).


Location: Ulnar side of the bottom corner pinky nail.


Location: Highest point of your shoulder/trapezius muscle or in line with the nipple.


Location: About four finger widths below the bottom of the knee cap beside the border of the anterior tibia.


Location: Center midline and midway between the nipples.

And as always, hydrate. If you have any questions or advice, drop a note!

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