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I get this question a lot and to be honest, a lot of the time I am unsure how to answer it because I don’t have a profound story. I didn’t have a childhood disease that led me to find holistic healing that then gave me passion to become a healer myself. Which to me, sounds a lot more interesting than it finding me.

When take a moment to reflect and ask my why, it’s because helping others is what I’m programmed to do. If you know me, I’m a big nurturer. I’m a first generation American that grew up translating and communicating for grandparents who spoke Toisan (which I have sadly forgotten most of, somebody tutor me) and very little English. I'm the daughter of a superhero of a mom who became a single parent at the early part of my childhood and felt the responsibility to help and protect. And I’m the older sister who had engraved the oath to always be there for her little brother deep in the heart.

I’ve always thought that by being a doctor, I could fix it all and it would be the most efficient way of helping others. I was fixed on Bastyr University to become a Naturopath. I had signed up for their emails and got an invite for their Oriental Medicine Program discussion panel of what they were about. I’ve never had acupuncture, but counted grandma’s herbal soups and ginseng tea to be worth a slight rite of passage. I decided to go and by the end of the discussion panel, I applied for the program the next day. Worried of disapproval and handfuls of doubt of what I've gotten myself into, I was invited for an interview. The next thing I know I received an acceptance call and began the unknown journey.

Before motherhood, I thought graduate school was the most challenging and brutal task. I am the worst exam taker ever. I'm lucky I didn't write my name wrong. With that I was more thankful to able to be in a career I could grow old with and be completely content. This medicine has so many facets in that in can be applied to anyone and harmonious with its intention of bringing the body to its optimal self. And that’s what I love about Chinese Medicine, it’s a big picture type of medicine. I often see that we put our bodies through a lot of physical demand and it wears on the mental well being. Whether you work in a cubicle in an office, a working mother of three, or an elite athlete, decompressing and maintenance is necessary. Get after that self care!

So when people ask why I chose Chinese Medicine, my passion is to nurture others.

Here’s a throwback to a podcast episode I did with Kū guy, Daniel Aipa a few years back. We talked about life and Chinese Medicine, enjoy!

*Note: I'm currently not in practice to be with my little one full time and the office (On Point) is closed.

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