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2020, what an odd year it has turned out to be. With Covid-19 causing a nuisance, a lot of states have called for a mandatory stay-at-home order. We all have been coping in our own ways-- standing in long lines at Whole Foods, buying things that you don’t need with money you know you should be saving, taking zoom calls half presentable, finishing home renovation projects, or happily working remotely in the living room.

On Oahu, we are halfway into our second stay-at-home order. I’m not sure what is more lame, under quarantine 2.0 or being overly excited to grocery shop. With not being able to go outside and enjoy the beach or park, there’s only so much you can do indoors. Sometimes the days seem endless and you start to feel like a quarantine slug.

Acupuncture points: You can apply pressure to these points (acupressure) or essential oils (lavender/chamomile/citrus/mint).

Du-20: Top of the hid in line with the tip of the ears.

LI-4: Middle point of the 2nd metacarpal bone, radial side.

Gb-20: In the hollow depressions at the base of the skull.

ST-36: Four fingers below the knee along the anterior crest of the tibia.

Herbs & Supplements


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Emotional balance: based off a classic formula, Xiao Yao San that translates as “free easy wanderer.” Regulates the free flow of qi, working on issues like stress/anxiety and nourishes blood that may to contribute to fatigue.

Good rest produces good energy.

Physical Tranquility: calms and cools the body for those who run hot.

- overheating during sleep/night sweats

- vivid dreams/nightmares

- forgetful

- restless sleep

- constipation

- agitation/anxiety

Mental Tranquility: quiets and replenishes the mind.

- overthinking/worry

- absent minded

- nightmares

- difficulty falling asleep

- fatigue/lethargic

- low spirit

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