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It’s been a while since I’ve done a skin update on Emma and her skin journey with eczema. She is nearing two years old in a couple months and her skin has been doing great. Gone are the days of raw weeping cheeks.

We re-visited the allergist and a new physician since we moved. Emma still tested postive for an allergy to egg and dairy. Our allergist wanted to create a plan so that we could help her body along with the allergy and eventually grow out of it where she can consume these things safely. We did a Baked Egg Challenge with no major symptoms and since 18 months she has been consuming eggs (in some sort of cooked form). I’ll tell you more about the experience in a separate post!Currently her skin does get a little dry on the sides of the mouth, tummy, and behind the knees. This happens when she usually consumes foods or a recipe that may have too much egg, dairy, or other food sensitivites she has. 

Control The Flare Up

When there is a flare up or she has scratched during the night and has an opened skin wound, it is really important to get it healing, because for her it will spread like wildfire. I make sure I keep the face clean with the Evereden facial wash. I wash her face after dinner with facial wash if she's been extra messy and nightly. For the first whole day I apply an antibiotic ointment on throughout the day and after a day it will have helped with the inflammation and oozing. For the next days onward I make sure that her skin is well moisturized and by the third or fourth day her skin will have healed and scabs from the scratches are gone.


I used to use Tubby Todd religiously, but started to noticed it would make her want to scratch her face shortly after applying. Usually when she is feeling extra itchy it usually means she will be scracting throughout the night with no control. This is when the morning starts with open wounds on the face and bloody pajamas. I use Evereden kids vitamin moisturizer during the day all throughout and espcially after washing her face, if I do. It has made a difference in it doesn’t seem to bother her as far as making her itchy and keeps her skin properly moisturized. (*Note: During a flare up/open wound it seemed to sting her skin when used after the bath, so I use Bodewell or Cerave after baths).


As for supplements I kept trying to find ways to help strengthen her gut. I was using a probiotic that seemed to help in the beginning, but it just didn’t seem like it was necessary. I’ve wanted to give her wheatgrass, but there was no way she would drink it based on the taste. So I was on the hunt for a good quality chlorophyll supplement and found Sakara. I use the Detox (chlorophyll) and Beauty (trace minerals) water drops. (*I chose to include trace minerals due to signs of mineral deficiency in the realm of Traditional Chinese Medicine). These drops are great in that they don't have added ingredients and you put them in water to consume. One full dropper in 16oz of water is one serving, but because I’m trying to be discreet and she's a toddler I put 2-3 drops in a 12 oz water bottle without refusal to drink and I just replenish it throughout the day. 

I’ve noticed since Emma has been on Sakara, she doesn’t get flare ups where it turns fungal and wounds fully heal. Flare ups show as more of a small red dry patch, which I will take any day over open sores and rings of tinea.

We just introduced MCT oil which is great for skin health. It’s only been a week and we haven't been consistent so there isn't much to say yet. MCT oil has great benefits in supporting digestive health and boost immune system which are both pluses for someone with eczema. Omega Fatty Acids are essential for good skin barrier health.

It's A Patient Journey

I have a digital photo frame on the kitchen counter that plays pictures of Emma all day and I am reminded daily how far she has come and how helpless I felt. It’s kind of funny in a odd way of how much her skin issues consumed me. I know parents dealing with baby eczema currently may be in a rut now, somehow it gets better. Keep fighting! 

Disclaimer: These are things that are working for Emma and her skin. Consult with your physicians and do what feels right for you! The prodcuts I have mentioned can be found by clicking on the highlighted affiliate hyperlink.

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